Central african republic: the invisible joseph kony

The government of the Central African Republic says wanted Ugandan militia leader Joseph Kony is negotiating with it. It is taking advice from M23 rebels.

Africa’s most wanted war criminal Joseph Kony may be sitting under one of these trees in eastern Central African Ropublic. Picture: ap

U.S. drones and Ugandan special forces have been hunting him for years. The U.S. has put a five million dollar bounty on his head. A video about him was a hit on YouTube in 2012. Filmmakers are searching for him in the jungle, the International Criminal Court is seeking him on an arrest warrant and human rights activists are handing out whistles to draw attention to Africa’s alleged worst villain.


Temporary employment in federal ministries: state salaried, precariously employed

In the Ministry of Family Affairs, of all places, the number of temporary contracts is rising sharply. But other ministries also prefer to hire on a temporary basis.

Application at the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. But behind the facade, things are not so family-friendly Photo: dpa

"Work for all, secure and well paid." The federal government sees itself committed to this claim – and permanently undermines it itself. As a response to an inquiry by the Left Party shows, the number of temporary positions in the federal ministries and the chancellor’s office doubled between 20. There are currently 16,530 temporary employees, a share of 6.5 percent.


Accusations against vegetable farm in bavaria: 250 times corona, 6 euros hourly wage

Trade unionists accuse a cucumber farm of not paying Romanian harvest workers the minimum wage. He had withheld identification cards.

Suspected no minimum wage, no safety distances: cordoned-off farm in Mamming Photo: Armin Weigel/dpa

Advisors of the German Trade Union Federation for Eastern European Workers raise serious accusations against the Bavarian vegetable farm where 250 harvest workers were infected with Corona. The large-scale company Gemusebau Wagner in Mamming, with about 500 seasonal workers mainly from Romania, paid less than the legal minimum wage, withheld the workers’ identity cards and housed the people without a Corona safety distance, the DGB project "Fair Mobility" told the taz. It refers to two visits on site, statements and self-written time sheets of about 30 workers as well as accounts of the company. A part is present to the taz. The farm is currently one of the largest corona infestations in Germany.


Pre-christmas in hamburg: with ticket to the service

The Corona Advent season begins on Sunday. The retail trade is in the doldrums. The main church St. Michaelis offers a service with reduced seating.

It may not be that crowded this year: Advent singing in front of the Michel 2019 Photo: St. Michaelis

The red and yellow "Herrnhut stars", in their inexpensive home improvement store variant to be seen more and more often, announce it already. Next Sunday is the first Advent. It is the time for coffee meetings with candles, exchanging wish lists, baking cookies, hectic shopping and wild Christmas parties.


Volkmar wolk on afd podium guests: “taking hocke’s line”.

Volkmar Wolk, right-wing extremism expert and book author, explains who is allowed to speak on the AfD ticket in the Burgerschaft.

Here there is a problematic AfD podium and counter-protest on Thursday evening: Bremen Parliament Photo: dpa

site: Mr. Wolk, you have been keeping an eye on the new right and neo-fascist scene for years and know the structures of the neo-Nazi scene in Saxony. Who is Benedikt Kaiser, the AfD’s panelist in the Bremen parliament?


Zdf documentary “my dresden”: elbows and trusteeship

In times of Pegida and AfD: ZDF journalist Bruni Reitzenstein traces the sensitivities in her hometown Dresden.

In conversation with a Pegida supporter shortly before the Monday demonstration: Bruni Reitzenstein Photo: ZDF

No question, Dresden is a beautiful city, Elbe meadows, Semper Opera, Dresden Baroque with the Frauenkirche and so on. Dresden was even once a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the Saxon capital is also, for almost five years already, the first marching site of the racist and radical right Pegida. The racist and radical right AfD has just become the strongest party in Dresden and the surrounding area in the European elections. No question, Dresden’s reputation has suffered.


Verdict on “estonia” research: conditional acquittal

Research on the sinking of the ferry "Estonia" brought two Swedish journalists to court. The matter has not yet been resolved.

852 people went down with the ferry Estonia, the wreck lies in 60 meters depth Photo: Kimmo Mantyla/picture alliance

Swedish journalists Henrik Evertsson and Linus Andersson were acquitted of charges by the Gothenburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday, without the real issue in the case being resolved: Did they disturb the peace of the dead with their research for a documentary film?


Spd before the vote on the groko: split at the core

Juso leader Kuhnert is fighting SPD leader Schulz for the GroKo. But the rift goes much deeper than "left versus right."

For Martin Schulz, it’s also about political survival Photo: dpa

SPD leader Martin Schulz must be afraid of people like Anna Spaenhoff. "I will definitely vote against the Groko on Sunday," says Spaenhoff, 29. She snorts, leans forward, the amber pendant on her necklace dancing. "A joke," she says, is a pension level of 48 percent, the exploratory result far too noncommittal, the CDU and CSU not taking the SPD seriously.


Spd and the edathy case: the ingrate

The SPD is in a quandary. While Sigmar Gabriel is committed to a moral condemnation of Edathy, the latter is defending himself in strictly legal terms.

He has a problem that he won’t be getting rid of anytime soon: SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel. Photo: dpa

Sometimes silence says more than many words, even in conference calls. Monday morning, the most important Social Democrats in the republic discuss the issues of the week. One after the other, members of the executive committee join the conference, and SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel takes over.


Science fiction in the style of “alien”: when the slime mold rebels.

Daniel Espinosa recycles the idea of an invasive alien life form in "Life." It doesn’t hate humans, just finds them nutritious.

Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan on a desperate mission Photo: Sony

Humans are used to seeing themselves as monopolists at the bottom of the food chain. Scientifically, this has since been disputed, but the image of the creature at the top persists. And natural enemies have become extremely rare: As a rule, we know how to defend ourselves. Nevertheless, the fear of becoming the prey of a superior opponent, even if only as a breeding ground for his offspring, remains. Director Ridley Scott put this fear into perspective particularly well in his science fiction horror classic "Alien" from 1979.