Central african republic: the invisible joseph kony

The government of the Central African Republic says wanted Ugandan militia leader Joseph Kony is negotiating with it. It is taking advice from M23 rebels.

Africa’s most wanted war criminal Joseph Kony may be sitting under one of these trees in eastern Central African Ropublic. Picture: ap

U.S. drones and Ugandan special forces have been hunting him for years. The U.S. has put a five million dollar bounty on his head. A video about him was a hit on YouTube in 2012. Filmmakers are searching for him in the jungle, the International Criminal Court is seeking him on an arrest warrant and human rights activists are handing out whistles to draw attention to Africa’s alleged worst villain.


Spd before the vote on the groko: split at the core

Juso leader Kuhnert is fighting SPD leader Schulz for the GroKo. But the rift goes much deeper than "left versus right."

For Martin Schulz, it’s also about political survival Photo: dpa

SPD leader Martin Schulz must be afraid of people like Anna Spaenhoff. "I will definitely vote against the Groko on Sunday," says Spaenhoff, 29. She snorts, leans forward, the amber pendant on her necklace dancing. "A joke," she says, is a pension level of 48 percent, the exploratory result far too noncommittal, the CDU and CSU not taking the SPD seriously.


Spd and the edathy case: the ingrate

The SPD is in a quandary. While Sigmar Gabriel is committed to a moral condemnation of Edathy, the latter is defending himself in strictly legal terms.

He has a problem that he won’t be getting rid of anytime soon: SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel. Photo: dpa

Sometimes silence says more than many words, even in conference calls. Monday morning, the most important Social Democrats in the republic discuss the issues of the week. One after the other, members of the executive committee join the conference, and SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel takes over.


Ugandan militia leader joseph kony: not a needle in a haystack

Units from the U.S. and Africa are searching for militia leader Kony. They know: He is in Sudan. But because they can’t go there, they are hunting elsewhere.

He’s not only making himself sweat: Joseph Kony, here in 2006 in South Sudan. Picture: dpa

They creep through the undergrowth in small groups, zigzagging back and forth in a vast, densely forested and almost uninhabited area between Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the Central African Republic. The search for Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel movement remains an outsized cat-and-mouse game six years after internationally wanted LRA leader Joseph Kony abandoned his headquarters in Congo’s Garamba National Park in the face of Ugandan airstrikes. An app for smartphones even allows users to follow the Kony hunt online – like a video game, only for real.


Formation of a government in colombia: “cabinet of peace

Shortly before the conclusion of negotiations with the Farc guerrillas, the president reshuffles the cabinet: a Green and a leftist become ministers.

The peace process is difficult, the Farc’s opponents are numerous Photo: reuters

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has reshuffled his cabinet. Shortly before the conclusion of peace negotiations with the Farc guerrillas, the president is trying to use the new composition to bring parts of the political opposition into the government boat. While the left-wing and green spectrum will be covered by a ministerial post in the future, the ultra-right opposition around former President alvaro Uribe will be left out.


Thuringia and the berlin cdu: the rightward shift of a big-city party

No sooner had the AfD, CDU and FDP made common cause in Thuringia than Berlin CDU faction leader Burkard Dregger defended himself against any criticism.

Demo in front of FDP headquarters. The Berlin CDU could also be ashamed of itself Photo: dpa

Not even two hours had passed. At 1:27 p.m. Wednesday came the first breaking news, according to which the FDP candidate Thomas Kemmerich was elected prime minister in Thuringia with the votes of AfD and CDU. Already at 3:16 p.m., Berlin CDU parliamentary group leader Burkard Dregger spoke out. "This is a democratic decision that cannot be criticized," he told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.


Vvn-bda loses non-profit status: tax office against anti-fascism

The withdrawal of charitable status for the anti-fascist organization VVN-BdA earns harsh criticism – even from the red-red-green coalition.

VVN banner at the state party conference of the Berlin Left Photo: imago

The Berlin government coalition is once again in trouble, and once again it is the SPD that is in need of explanation. The decision by Berlin’s financial administration to revoke the charitable status of one of the most important anti-fascist organizations, which became known on Friday, has provoked harsh criticism from the Left and the Greens. The Berlin SPD, on the other hand, is holding back on official reactions. The SPD Senator Matthias Kollatz has the highest technical supervision over the financial administration.


Reform of the eurogroup called for: let’s not be like dijsselbloem

The Eurogroup is still beyond democratic control. That is why Transparency International is urgently calling for reform.

The Eurogroup is in urgent need of reform, finds Transparency International Photo: dpa

The Eurogroup has risen to become one of the EU’s most powerful bodies in the euro crisis, but it still eludes democratic control. This is the conclusion of the non-governmental organization Transparency International (TI) in a study presented in Brussels on Tuesday. The round of 19 euro finance ministers urgently needs to be reformed, the experts demand. Above all, more transparency is needed.


Government coalition in italy collapses: crisis at an inopportune time

Italia Viva leader Matteo Renzi believes that in the midst of the pandemic he must also give Italy a government crisis. In doing so, he has gambled.

Plunging Italy into a government crisis: Matteo Renzi Photo: dpa

What devil is riding Matteo Renzi? The former prime minister and current leader of the small party Italia Viva believes that in the midst of the pandemic, in the midst of the deep economic and social crisis it has triggered, he must also give Italy a government crisis.


Forming a government in italy: how enemies become partners

In Italy, the Five Stars and the social democratic PD are forming a new government. There are more overlaps than initially thought.

He has a strong online vote of his supporters behind him: the leader of the Five Star Party Di Maio Photo: ap

Italy’s old prime minister is also the new one. After the base of the Five Star Party approved the coalition with the Partito Democratico (PD) in an online vote on Tuesday, it is clear that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will keep his job.