Temporary employment in federal ministries: state salaried, precariously employed

In the Ministry of Family Affairs, of all places, the number of temporary contracts is rising sharply. But other ministries also prefer to hire on a temporary basis.

Application at the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. But behind the facade, things are not so family-friendly Photo: dpa

"Work for all, secure and well paid." The federal government sees itself committed to this claim – and permanently undermines it itself. As a response to an inquiry by the Left Party shows, the number of temporary positions in the federal ministries and the chancellor’s office doubled between 20. There are currently 16,530 temporary employees, a share of 6.5 percent.


Pre-christmas in hamburg: with ticket to the service

The Corona Advent season begins on Sunday. The retail trade is in the doldrums. The main church St. Michaelis offers a service with reduced seating.

It may not be that crowded this year: Advent singing in front of the Michel 2019 Photo: St. Michaelis

The red and yellow "Herrnhut stars", in their inexpensive home improvement store variant to be seen more and more often, announce it already. Next Sunday is the first Advent. It is the time for coffee meetings with candles, exchanging wish lists, baking cookies, hectic shopping and wild Christmas parties.


Volkmar wolk on afd podium guests: “taking hocke’s line”.

Volkmar Wolk, right-wing extremism expert and book author, explains who is allowed to speak on the AfD ticket in the Burgerschaft.

Here there is a problematic AfD podium and counter-protest on Thursday evening: Bremen Parliament Photo: dpa

site: Mr. Wolk, you have been keeping an eye on the new right and neo-fascist scene for years and know the structures of the neo-Nazi scene in Saxony. Who is Benedikt Kaiser, the AfD’s panelist in the Bremen parliament?


Zdf documentary “my dresden”: elbows and trusteeship

In times of Pegida and AfD: ZDF journalist Bruni Reitzenstein traces the sensitivities in her hometown Dresden.

In conversation with a Pegida supporter shortly before the Monday demonstration: Bruni Reitzenstein Photo: ZDF

No question, Dresden is a beautiful city, Elbe meadows, Semper Opera, Dresden Baroque with the Frauenkirche and so on. Dresden was even once a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the Saxon capital is also, for almost five years already, the first marching site of the racist and radical right Pegida. The racist and radical right AfD has just become the strongest party in Dresden and the surrounding area in the European elections. No question, Dresden’s reputation has suffered.


Verdict on “estonia” research: conditional acquittal

Research on the sinking of the ferry "Estonia" brought two Swedish journalists to court. The matter has not yet been resolved.

852 people went down with the ferry Estonia, the wreck lies in 60 meters depth Photo: Kimmo Mantyla/picture alliance

Swedish journalists Henrik Evertsson and Linus Andersson were acquitted of charges by the Gothenburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday, without the real issue in the case being resolved: Did they disturb the peace of the dead with their research for a documentary film?


Science fiction in the style of “alien”: when the slime mold rebels.

Daniel Espinosa recycles the idea of an invasive alien life form in "Life." It doesn’t hate humans, just finds them nutritious.

Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan on a desperate mission Photo: Sony

Humans are used to seeing themselves as monopolists at the bottom of the food chain. Scientifically, this has since been disputed, but the image of the creature at the top persists. And natural enemies have become extremely rare: As a rule, we know how to defend ourselves. Nevertheless, the fear of becoming the prey of a superior opponent, even if only as a breeding ground for his offspring, remains. Director Ridley Scott put this fear into perspective particularly well in his science fiction horror classic "Alien" from 1979.


Criminal charges against belgian nuclear power plants: citizens increase pressure on reactors

Belgium’s nuclear power plants are safe – say the government and the operator. But many in the border region complain of serious shortcomings at Tihange and Doel.

Full of hairline cracks: the Belgian nuclear power plant Tihange Photo: dpa

Julie Vandegaar is smiling, although there is no reason for her police visit to the Eupen commissariat to be happy. She wants to file charges against the Belgian state and the Tihange and Doel nuclear power plants. "It’s about my future, I want to be able to continue living here in the region," says the 19-year-old.


Saxon head of the office for the protection of the constitution: no private affair of an old man

The opposition is calling for consequences to be drawn from Meyer-Plath’s secretive past. For the CDU, this is an attempt to damage his reputation.

Saxon conditions: Ex-boy Gordian Meyer-Plath heads the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Picture: dpa

In Saxony, the president of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV) Gordian Meyer-Plath should initiate a new course of the intelligence service after the NSU scandal. Since Friday, the hopeful has been criticized for his concealed membership in a fraternity. "I think personnel consequences are essential," says Left Party state parliament member Kerstin Koditz. The Green MP Miro Jennerjahn wants to inform the Interior Committee.


Retrospective ernst lubitsch: up to his neck in the factual

Kino Arsenal dedicates a film series to the master of witty comedies – with a focus on his time in Hollywood

"Ninotchka" (USA 1939) with Greata Garbo as a Soviet functionary loyal to the line Photo: Filmmuseum Berlin/Deutsche Kinemathek

In the fall of 1913, director Carl Wilhelm made the film "The Company Marries." Premiered on January 23, 1914, it runs for two weeks in eight sold-out movie theaters. "A mischievous, satyrical and cheeky step into the sacred spaces of fashion …" reads the Lichtbild-Buhne. A burlesque film, a slapstick, born at the same time as American slapstick.


Rain without end: nature strikes back

20 years ago, the Oder flood reached its peak. This year, Berlin is drowning in rain. What do the two have to do with each other?

House under. In Berlin or on the Oder? Photo: dpa

It rains and rains and rains. From January to Wednesday, 12 o’clock, exactly 514.2 liters per square meter have fallen in Dahlem, announced the Meteorological Institute of the FU Berlin on taz request; a third more than usual in the whole year. And this July has a good chance of going down in history as one of the wettest since weather records began: Three times as much rain as usual has fallen so far.