Dead and living fascists in rome: old comrades

The bourgeois camp in Italy has never demarcated itself to the right. This is shown not least by the recent march against the new government in Rome.

Demo in Rome – open to the right Photo: dpa

Thousands had come to Rome on Monday to surround the Chamber of Deputies to protest against the new government under the old Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. "Dictatorship!" could be heard over and over again at the barriers: the alleged dictatorship of the new coalition between the Five Stars and the moderate left Partito Democratico (PD), which had simply usurped power instead of clearing the way for new elections.


Masks in times of corona: this time a sign of care.

It gives protection, serves to conceal, is a work of art, threat, punishment and masks the defective. Why wearing a mask is highly symbolic.

Part of a disguise: Trump and military personnel wearing masks at a Maryland hospital on July 11 Photo by Chris Kleponis/UPI/imago

When President Trump jokingly pointed out that he felt "like the Lone Ranger" wearing a mouth and nose mask to protect against the transmission of the Corona virus, it was clear to this pop culture nerd: So he doesn’t know anything about that either. Because as we all know – ahem!- the Lone Ranger wears an eye mask that leaves open exactly what a Corona mask covers. One of the heroes who occasionally hides the lower half of his face with his mask is Zorro, but he’s probably out of the question for a Trump joke because of his Hispanic culture.


Commentary negotiations with iran: beyond the nuclear question

Iran and the West are cautiously moving closer in the nuclear dispute. But much more is at stake: Will Iran end up becoming an ally?

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry (left) and his Iranian counterpart Sarif in talks in Vienna on June 30. Photo: reuters

The EU wants to suspend parts of the sanctions imposed on Iran in the nuclear conflict for another week. This indicates that hopes for an agreement in the coming days have risen sharply.


Coal mining in colombia: criticism without consequences

The German government admits that human rights are being violated in Colombia’s coal mines. But it does not plan to impose any conditions on German companies.

Coal mining in Colombia: attacks on trade unionists. Picture: ap

Environmental destruction, displacement and murder: Human rights violations related to coal mining in Colombia are well documented. The United Nations criticizes the violations of the rights of indigenous people who are displaced for coal mining, non-governmental organizations report attacks on trade unionists by paramilitary groups financed by coal companies.