Travel and do good: just gringo spinning?

English lessons in the village school without payment: Is socially engaged globetrotting a help or a neocolonial masturbation?

Feeding cows on an organic farm. Volunteer opportunities are also available nearby Photo: imago/epd

The room vibrates from what feels like 100 decibels. In front of me sit 25 happily chattering schoolchildren. "Good morning, students!", I shout into the din. "Good morning, teacher!" it echoes back. I have their attention, first win. Now holding the ball in the air, building little sentences with fruit that I stretch into the room in pictures. "I love bananas." Have them repeat, in chorus and individually, correct pronunciation, introduce negation and question, thus igniting little conversations, holding curiosity, stopping disruptions, being everywhere at once: Feels like being a tamer.


New us-mexico free trade agreement: the tequila deal

Trump and Enrique Pena Nieto have struck a new deal. It could bring jobs back to the US. Canada’s role is still unclear.

Trump talks to Pena Nieto on the phone and congratulates himself and him on a "great day for trade. "Photo: dpa

Donald Trump has repeatedly called the "North American Free Trade Agreement" NAFTA a "disaster." And he has so strained relations with Mexico with racist insults and the absurd demand that the southern neighbor pay for the wall Trump wants built along the border that President Enrique Pena Nieto has already unceremoniously canceled visits to Washington at least twice.


New novel by jachym topol: urge to rebel

In "A Sensitive Man," Topol sends a peculiar rump family on an odyssey through Czech petty bourgeois society.

Jachym Topol, born in 1962, signed Charter 77 as a teenager Photo: Susanne Schleyer

The boy doesn’t say a single word in almost 500 pages. But if there is a main character at all in Jachym Topol’s new novel, it is him. Presumably, he is also the "sensitive person" who gave the whole thing its title.


By ship to the climate conference: like greta, only bigger

36 activists want to sail from the Netherlands to the UN Climate Change Conference in South America in October. They will spend seven weeks making plans for green mobility.

Setting sail for America: the "Regina Maris" Photo: afp

What Greta can do, they also want to try – only longer, further, as a group and with even fewer greenhouse gas emissions. After Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg sailed to New York on the sailing yacht "Malizia II," a group of young people in Europe is getting ready to set off by sailing ship for the UN Climate Change Conference in Santiago, Chile.


Date for ber opening: 2018, 2019, 2020, …

Berlin’s head of government, Muller, does not expect a new opening date for the airport any time soon. This is fueling new speculation.

Construction workers will still be on the road here for a long time: BER construction site in Schonefeld Photo: dpa

After the new delays and personnel turbulence at the planned capital city airport BER will probably still be unclear for months about an opening date. "I think we are nowhere near the point where we can discuss new dates," Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Muller (SPD) told the House of Representatives on Thursday.