Close to the old charlie hebdo offices: knife attack in paris

Two people were seriously injured in a knife attack in Paris, and a suspected perpetrator has been caught. The anti-terror prosecutor’s office is investigating.

Security forces at the scene in Paris on Friday Photo: Charles Platiauu/reuters

At least two people have been injured in a knife attack near the former offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Police said Friday that the suspect had been arrested near the Place de la Bastille in the east of the city. A little later, a second person was arrested in the area of the Richard-Lenoir metro station near the scene, various French media reported in agreement.

There are indications of a terrorist background. France’s anti-terror prosecutor’s office said Friday it had opened investigations into "attempted murder in connection with a terrorist act" and "the formation of a terrorist group."

Police had initially said there were four people injured. Police sources said there were only two confirmed casualties, but they had suffered serious injuries. France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex called an emergency meeting.

Police officers poured into the neighborhood near the Richard Lenoir metro station in the east of the French capital, AP news agency reporters observed at the scene. Police officers cordoned off the area, which included the magazine’s former offices, after a suspicious package was discovered nearby, police sources said. Several schools near the scene were closed as a precaution. French Prime Minister Jean Castex cut short a visit to a Paris suburb to monitor developments from the Interior Ministry.

Connection with "Charlie Hebdo" trial open

Islamic extremists had attacked the editorial office in 2015, killing twelve people. The motive for Friday’s knife attack remained open. The satirical magazine moved to other offices after the 2015 attack.

The trial of 14 people for aiding and abetting the attack on "Charlie Hebdo" has been underway in Paris since the beginning of the month. A total of 17 people were killed in the series of attacks that lasted several days in January 2015. The attacks hit not only the editorial office of "Charlie Hebdo" but also a kosher supermarket in Paris. The three perpetrators were shot dead by security forces at the time.

The defendants are accused of helping in various ways to prepare the attacks and of belonging to a terrorist organization. In most cases, they face prison sentences of up to 20 years. Defendants are alleged to have procured weapons or provided accommodation, for example. "Charlie Hebdo recently published new cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed and was threatened again as a result.

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