Dancing in the phone booth: this is where the action really gets going

Berlin’s party scene is now partying in mini-discotheques in phone booths. The "taz party team" tested one.

Almost like Berghain: Berlin’s new party phone booths. Photo: Fabienne von der Eltz

What hasn’t Berlin come up with to maintain its reputation as a party metropolis? Techno, Berghain, open airs – in the capital, it’s always party time everywhere!

But now there’s a cool new party idea: dancing in a phone booth. The start-up company Teledisko has converted three of the yellow boxes into mini-discotheques. On the outside, the inventors painted the yellow with shimmering gold and mirrored the windows. Inside, the telephone has been replaced by a jukebox and a disco ball.

For a fee of 2 euros, party-goers can now choose a song and party away on just under one and a half square meters. If you want, you can have your picture taken for 2 more euros. So far, Teledisko has set up two boxes, the so-called Gold Edition on the RAW grounds and the "Silver Edition" on the grounds of Kater-Blau in Friedrichshain. Our taz interns tried out the mini-disco.

Fabienne von der Eltz:

"The door of the Teledisko opens – the big colorful buttons catch my eye. I guess you can turn on fog and strobe lights with these. As the door closes, it suddenly gets dark and the first bars of the Ace of Base song "I Saw the Sign" sound. My party feeling sets in. Because with three people, it’s just as cramped in the phone booth as it is on the dance floor of a crowded club. Time for effects: I press the red button a few times, and the phone booth is already full of fog. The blue button turns on the strobe light. Colorful flashes of light twitch through the cell. I have fun because everything that belongs to a real party fits in here. Only the bar is missing."

Patrick Grobe:

"Disco in a phone booth. Now I’ve really arrived in Berlin. The city where everyone can realize their ideas, no matter how weird they are. I still ask myself: How does one come up with such an idea? The telephone booth is convincing. A thoroughly fun affair. Set up in the party district, inebriated disco-goers can now have a souvenir photo taken. But: More than two people should not squeeze in. Even with three people, the air gets tight. Especially when the disco guest presses a button to generate fog. And while the song is playing, the doors are locked. So if you suffer from claustrophobia or asthma, you’ll probably miss out on the fun pretty quickly."

Francis Laugstien:

"Party in a phone booth – what nonsense. If you want to party in Berlin, you really do have better options. It’s clear that the idea of Teledisko is not meant seriously. But that is exactly the problem. What’s the point of a mini-disco in a club area? I am fed up with all the irony in the city. Surely the guests of the mini-disco are not seriously paying because they want to dance? They can’t even do that in the tiny space inside. I think they’re celebrating the feeling of doing something completely pointless. Cool!"

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