New apartments on kohlhokerstrasse: former bundesbank to be demolished

7,000 square meters will be redeveloped. While some fear gentrification, others are happy about the new social housing in a preferred location.

To be demolished: The former Bundesbank branch Photo: Karolina Meyer-Schilf

It was once also under discussion as an initial reception center for refugees, the former Bundesbank on Kohlhokerstrasse. Now the office complex, which has been empty for more than two years, is being demolished – it must make way for luxury, but also social housing. Corresponding plans by the Hamburg-based investor Evoreal have now been presented to the neighborhood for the first time.

The company is owned, among others, by a scion of the Hamburg mail-order dynasty Otto. According to a report in the Immobilien-Zeitung, it wants to invest 60 million euros, and the property itself has been offered by the federal government for ten million euros.

In return, you get a 7,000-square-meter property in a prime location in the Remberti district, close to the Wallanlagen and the noble Contrescarpe. The price includes an underground garage, an air-raid shelter and a massive vault.

Preserving the property, which was built in 1982, "doesn’t make sense," says Jens Tittmann, spokesman for the building department. It will therefore be demolished, and the new building – there is talk of 175 apartments – could be ready in 2021.

The construction department is "very positive" about the investor’s plans, partly because Evoreal will have to comply with the social housing quota. A quarter of the new apartments may therefore cost a maximum of 6.50 euros per square meter in rent. "Otherwise, only luxury apartments would have been built here," says Tittmann.

The building department is "very positive" about the investor’s plans

Daniel Schnier of the Zwischenzeitzentrale ZZZ, which once wanted to occupy the property, fears a "gentrification" of the district. There is "no mixing" here, complains Schnier, who points out that there had already been "displacement" here before, when the Bundesbank was built. Now, he says, there is a threat of a gated community, similar to the one in the Tar Yard. Schnier also criticizes a lack of public debate about the future of the area.

Apartments in all price segments

Hellena Harttung, head of the local authority, is committed to ensuring that not only luxury apartments are built alongside the obligatory social housing. There must be a "good mix," says Harttung, with apartments also in the medium price segment. In addition, she believes it would "make total sense" to establish cooperative housing here as well. However, Harttung says she is pleased that the area is now being built on – the place had recently been a "dead" one.

The department defends itself against the accusation from the ZZZ. "This borders on gentrification," says Tittmann – the property on Kohlhokerstrasse is "naturally an expensive location.

Inner cities are simply becoming more expensive, even in Bremen, and the investor must "also get his return in some form," Tittmann said. The idea of cooperative housing is not rejected in the department, but it is feared that social housing could then be displaced – building communities would not be bound by the quota.

The investor could not be reached by taz on Tuesday.

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