Nsu murder in cafe: did the constitutional protector lie?

A constitutional protector was present at the NSU murder in Kassel. Scientists have now determined that he must have witnessed the crime.

Did he lie? Constitutional protector Andreas Temme leaves the Hessian parliament after his testimony Photo: dpa

He remains to this day. Andreas Temme does not want to have heard anything about the murder of Halit Yozgat. The constitutional protector does not want to have heard a shot when the NSU murdered the 21-year-old in his Kassel Internet cafe on April 6, 2006. He also claims not to have seen Yozgat’s body when he left the store.

The case is still one of the most mysterious in the NSU complex: Why was the constitutional protector Andreas Temme, of all people, at the scene of the right-wing terrorists’ murder in Kassel? Why was he the only one present who did not come forward as a witness?

Temme was briefly arrested as a suspect after the crime, and he repeatedly had to testify in the NSU trial in Munich and in investigative committees. Time and again, he emphasized that he had nothing to do with the murder, that he had not been aware of anything.

Now, however, Temme’s version is once again shaky. For weeks, scientists had been investigating the murder of Halit Yozgat anew: the team of "Forensic Architecture" of London’s Goldsmith University. The experts usually work with Amnesty International, for example, investigating war crimes in Syria. This time, they were commissioned by the "NSU Tribunal" project, which is organizing a multi-day congress on the right-wing terrorist crime series in Cologne in May.

For their investigation, the London experts had specially recreated the Kassel Internet cafe, in March in Berlin’s "House of World Cultures." They used a sound simulation to recreate the shooting of Halit Yozgat. Using cameras and computer technology, they reconstructed Temme’s route from the PC he was using at the time until he left the Internet cafe. They used investigation files and a police video as a basis, in which Temme showed the investigators his route at the time.

The scientists came to a clear conclusion: Temme must have seen Halit Yozgat’s body – at the moment when the 1.94-meter-tall man placed his money on the counter behind which the shot 21-year-old lay. And he also heard the shots: even with the silencer on the gun, they must have been 40 decibels above the background noise of the Internet cafe. They were thus "clearly audible". The corresponding report is available to the taz. It is to be presented to the public next week.

Yozgat’s father: "Temme is lying".

The Yozgat family still considers Halit’s murder to be unsolved. "Temme is lying," father Ismail Yozgat emphasizes again and again. "Either he is covering up for the perpetrators or he was involved in the murder himself." Halit Yozgat was the ninth and last migrant victim of the "National Socialist Underground".

Temme, on the other hand, defends himself: he had only chatted privately in the Internet cafe on a flirting portal. In order to hide this from his wife, he had not come forward as a witness. Temme now works at the Kassel regional council.

Halit Yozgat’s family and supporters now plan to take to the streets in Kassel on Thursday, the 11th anniversary of the murder. "No next victim! Dissolve NSU complex," is the call of their demonstration. Shortly after Yozgat’s murder, around 4,000 people in Kassel had already demanded an investigation into the NSU murder series, which was still unsolved at the time. "No tenth victim," they said at the time.

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