Dead and living fascists in rome: old comrades

The bourgeois camp in Italy has never demarcated itself to the right. This is shown not least by the recent march against the new government in Rome.

Demo in Rome – open to the right Photo: dpa

Thousands had come to Rome on Monday to surround the Chamber of Deputies to protest against the new government under the old Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. "Dictatorship!" could be heard over and over again at the barriers: the alleged dictatorship of the new coalition between the Five Stars and the moderate left Partito Democratico (PD), which had simply usurped power instead of clearing the way for new elections.


Criminal charges against belgian nuclear power plants: citizens increase pressure on reactors

Belgium’s nuclear power plants are safe – say the government and the operator. But many in the border region complain of serious shortcomings at Tihange and Doel.

Full of hairline cracks: the Belgian nuclear power plant Tihange Photo: dpa

Julie Vandegaar is smiling, although there is no reason for her police visit to the Eupen commissariat to be happy. She wants to file charges against the Belgian state and the Tihange and Doel nuclear power plants. "It’s about my future, I want to be able to continue living here in the region," says the 19-year-old.


Saxon head of the office for the protection of the constitution: no private affair of an old man

The opposition is calling for consequences to be drawn from Meyer-Plath’s secretive past. For the CDU, this is an attempt to damage his reputation.

Saxon conditions: Ex-boy Gordian Meyer-Plath heads the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Picture: dpa

In Saxony, the president of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV) Gordian Meyer-Plath should initiate a new course of the intelligence service after the NSU scandal. Since Friday, the hopeful has been criticized for his concealed membership in a fraternity. "I think personnel consequences are essential," says Left Party state parliament member Kerstin Koditz. The Green MP Miro Jennerjahn wants to inform the Interior Committee.


Retrospective ernst lubitsch: up to his neck in the factual

Kino Arsenal dedicates a film series to the master of witty comedies – with a focus on his time in Hollywood

"Ninotchka" (USA 1939) with Greata Garbo as a Soviet functionary loyal to the line Photo: Filmmuseum Berlin/Deutsche Kinemathek

In the fall of 1913, director Carl Wilhelm made the film "The Company Marries." Premiered on January 23, 1914, it runs for two weeks in eight sold-out movie theaters. "A mischievous, satyrical and cheeky step into the sacred spaces of fashion …" reads the Lichtbild-Buhne. A burlesque film, a slapstick, born at the same time as American slapstick.


Travel and do good: just gringo spinning?

English lessons in the village school without payment: Is socially engaged globetrotting a help or a neocolonial masturbation?

Feeding cows on an organic farm. Volunteer opportunities are also available nearby Photo: imago/epd

The room vibrates from what feels like 100 decibels. In front of me sit 25 happily chattering schoolchildren. "Good morning, students!", I shout into the din. "Good morning, teacher!" it echoes back. I have their attention, first win. Now holding the ball in the air, building little sentences with fruit that I stretch into the room in pictures. "I love bananas." Have them repeat, in chorus and individually, correct pronunciation, introduce negation and question, thus igniting little conversations, holding curiosity, stopping disruptions, being everywhere at once: Feels like being a tamer.


Ugandan militia leader joseph kony: not a needle in a haystack

Units from the U.S. and Africa are searching for militia leader Kony. They know: He is in Sudan. But because they can’t go there, they are hunting elsewhere.

He’s not only making himself sweat: Joseph Kony, here in 2006 in South Sudan. Picture: dpa

They creep through the undergrowth in small groups, zigzagging back and forth in a vast, densely forested and almost uninhabited area between Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the Central African Republic. The search for Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel movement remains an outsized cat-and-mouse game six years after internationally wanted LRA leader Joseph Kony abandoned his headquarters in Congo’s Garamba National Park in the face of Ugandan airstrikes. An app for smartphones even allows users to follow the Kony hunt online – like a video game, only for real.


Formation of a government in colombia: “cabinet of peace

Shortly before the conclusion of negotiations with the Farc guerrillas, the president reshuffles the cabinet: a Green and a leftist become ministers.

The peace process is difficult, the Farc’s opponents are numerous Photo: reuters

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has reshuffled his cabinet. Shortly before the conclusion of peace negotiations with the Farc guerrillas, the president is trying to use the new composition to bring parts of the political opposition into the government boat. While the left-wing and green spectrum will be covered by a ministerial post in the future, the ultra-right opposition around former President alvaro Uribe will be left out.


Rain without end: nature strikes back

20 years ago, the Oder flood reached its peak. This year, Berlin is drowning in rain. What do the two have to do with each other?

House under. In Berlin or on the Oder? Photo: dpa

It rains and rains and rains. From January to Wednesday, 12 o’clock, exactly 514.2 liters per square meter have fallen in Dahlem, announced the Meteorological Institute of the FU Berlin on taz request; a third more than usual in the whole year. And this July has a good chance of going down in history as one of the wettest since weather records began: Three times as much rain as usual has fallen so far.


Thuringia and the berlin cdu: the rightward shift of a big-city party

No sooner had the AfD, CDU and FDP made common cause in Thuringia than Berlin CDU faction leader Burkard Dregger defended himself against any criticism.

Demo in front of FDP headquarters. The Berlin CDU could also be ashamed of itself Photo: dpa

Not even two hours had passed. At 1:27 p.m. Wednesday came the first breaking news, according to which the FDP candidate Thomas Kemmerich was elected prime minister in Thuringia with the votes of AfD and CDU. Already at 3:16 p.m., Berlin CDU parliamentary group leader Burkard Dregger spoke out. "This is a democratic decision that cannot be criticized," he told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.


Right-wingers try protest in dresden: like an open mosque day

The right-wingers are hungry for symbols shortly before the state elections in Saxony. So they want to demonstrate in Dresden against the construction of a mosque.

There is already a mosque building in Dresden: The Fatih Camii Mosque Photo: dpa

The announcement was big: Around the clock, the right-wing "Heidenauer wavelength" wants to besiege the house of the Muslim Marwa El-Sherbinis community. Because a new house of prayer is to be built here inshallah. Although the plans for the development of the former Drewag site have not yet been approved, the right-wingers are hungry for symbols shortly before the state elections. So they had called for disrupting the Dhuhur prayer at noon on Friday by ringing bells – which is a criminal offense. But the group did not cause a disturbance – it just looked rather silly.