Protests against military coup in myanmar: police shoot two demonstrators dead

Dock workers in Mandalay have gone on strike in protest against the coup. On Saturday, security forces used live ammunition against them.

Police used them to target protesting dock workers in Mandalay Photo: dpa/ap

In Myanmar, two participants in protests against the military coup have been shot dead by police, according to media reports. One of the victims was hit in the head and died instantly. The second was shot in the upper body and died on the way to hospital, according to a report in the news magazine Frontier Myanmar. Police used live ammunition in the second-largest city of Mandalay on Saturday, it said. The Irrawaddy news website also confirmed the deaths of the two people on social media.


Rainald goetz at schauspielhaus hamburg: a royal drama as a hanswurstiade

Rainald Goetz’s "Empire of Death" was staged in Hamburg. Many scurry around in it, like Bush and Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld.

The author Rainald Goetz has included one or the other hell ride in "Reich des Todes" Photo: Arno Declair

A play about September 11, today, now, in these very different, very differently special times, a play about George W. Bush and his corona, about torture that is justified and a war that is lied about, a play that exemplifies political theory on this differently criminal US regime: The Owl of Minerva, it must be said, flies late. And it flies long, four hours in this production "Reich des Todes" by Karin Beier, which presents the previously unpublished text by Rainald Goetz on the stage of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg by no means complete.


Press freedom in lithuania: “silent orbanisation”

The public broadcaster LRT is feeling increasing pressure from the Lithuanian parliament. Journalists fear restrictions on their work.

Lithuanian President Daria Grybauskaite Photo: reuters

Yellow, green and red – a meter-long fabric hangs from the highest floor of the skyscraper on Konarski Street in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The national flag of the Baltic Republic dominates the headquarters of the public TV and radio broadcaster LRT from the outside. But journalists also fear a dominating influence inside. In the corridors of LRT, there is talk of an attack on the station – it is about the freedom of the press of Lithuania.


Controversial coal mining project: fff protests against siemens

Activists from Fridays for Future Berlin spontaneously gathered in front of Siemens in Moabit on Monday evening. They want to stop the Adani project.

"How dare you?", Greta Thunberg would probably also ask Siemens Photo: taz

Actually, the activists of Fridays for Future (FFF) Berlin wanted to take a break from the strike. But then Siemens intervened, or more precisely, CEO Joe Kaeser. He announced on Sunday evening that the company was sticking to the controversial Adani coal mining project in Australia. So everything remains the same as far as Siemens is concerned, although Kaeser had met with FFF activist Luisa Neubauer as recently as Friday, chatted about the climate and offered her a job on the supervisory board of the future company Siemens Energy (which she turned down).


Oecd on integration of refugee women: threefold disadvantage

According to a study, female refugees come to Germany with a poorer level of education. They should receive targeted language courses.

Refugee women often have a child a year after arrival – making it more difficult for them to attend courses Photo: dpa

Refugee women not only have a harder time in Europe than refugee men, they are also at a disadvantage compared to other female migrants. This is shown in a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which the international organization published on Thursday. So it’s not for nothing that the study is titled "Triple Disadvantaged?".


Ronald m. Schernikau rediscovered: optimistic, despite it all

Author Ronald M. Schernikau thought gay identity politics, pop and class issues together. Now he is being read again.

Schernikau was also rediscovered at the Deutsches Theater Berlin Photo: imago/

Gay and communist. Two terms that, at least in my school days in Bavaria, functioned as insults. I’m afraid little has changed in this regard in large parts of Germany. This is turned with one, which wrote itself both – Schwulsein and communist being – on the flag. Ronald M. Schernikau.


Nsu murder in cafe: did the constitutional protector lie?

A constitutional protector was present at the NSU murder in Kassel. Scientists have now determined that he must have witnessed the crime.

Did he lie? Constitutional protector Andreas Temme leaves the Hessian parliament after his testimony Photo: dpa

He remains to this day. Andreas Temme does not want to have heard anything about the murder of Halit Yozgat. The constitutional protector does not want to have heard a shot when the NSU murdered the 21-year-old in his Kassel Internet cafe on April 6, 2006. He also claims not to have seen Yozgat’s body when he left the store.


Vvn-bda loses non-profit status: tax office against anti-fascism

The withdrawal of charitable status for the anti-fascist organization VVN-BdA earns harsh criticism – even from the red-red-green coalition.

VVN banner at the state party conference of the Berlin Left Photo: imago

The Berlin government coalition is once again in trouble, and once again it is the SPD that is in need of explanation. The decision by Berlin’s financial administration to revoke the charitable status of one of the most important anti-fascist organizations, which became known on Friday, has provoked harsh criticism from the Left and the Greens. The Berlin SPD, on the other hand, is holding back on official reactions. The SPD Senator Matthias Kollatz has the highest technical supervision over the financial administration.


Election campaign in the usa: parallel worlds

The appearances of candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden at civic forums bring little that is new. Differences, however, stand out all the more clearly.

Joe Biden on his way to the citizens’ question time on Thursday evening Photo: dpa

U.S. President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden faced questions from voters* in two parallel televised citizens’ forums on Thursday evening. Politically, the long-distance duel had little new to offer, but the demeanor and behavior of the two opponents could hardly have been more different.