Ministries working on advertising ban: no fags, no sexism

Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas wants to stop sexist advertising. Federal Nutrition Minister Schmidt announces a ban on cigarette advertising on billboards.

Accordingly, the planned tobacco advertising ban should be in force from 2020 and also apply to e-cigarettes Photo: dpa

Billboard advertising for cigarettes and sexist advertising are to be banned according to plans of the German government. Federal Minister of Food Christian Schmidt (CSU) announced in the newspapers of the Funke media group that he wants to ban advertising for cigarettes on billboards and in cinemas. For his part, Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) plans to ban gender-discriminatory advertising, according to a Spiegel report.


Column startled couch potatoes: vacation, heat, boredom

Paradise is boring? Or whoever is bored is hopelessly unhappy? Not at all. In praise of time-wasting.

Enjoying the heat Photo: imago/Westend61

Longer stays in southern Spain or Tunis at nearly 50 degrees have convinced me: living in a twilight state for a few weeks is enormously invigorating in the aftermath. This somnambulistic, summer trance state behind shutters that are darkened during the day, this emptiness and aimlessness sharpens the senses and clears the mind. Paradise is boring? Or whoever is bored is hopelessly unhappy? Not at all.


Dispute over rent caps: spd politicians against cap

During the 2018 election campaign, Andrea Nahles called for a radical rent cap. Hamburg’s mayor no longer wants to hear about it.

Hamburg’s First Mayor Tschentscher does not want a rent freeze Photo: dpa

Leading Social Democrats are distancing themselves from the demand for a rent freeze, which the then party leader Andrea Nahles and the current interim leader Thorsten Schafer-Gumbel had proposed in September 2018. Hamburg’s First Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) said he rejected a rent cap like the one in Berlin. Instead, he was in favor of lowering the so-called cap.


Doctors reject citizens’ insurance: lobbyists in white

By rejecting the citizens’ insurance, the German Physicians’ Congress has safeguarded its political interests. A change in the system would cost physicians dearly.

The German medical profession is stubborn when it comes to citizens’ insurance. Photo: dpa

Dressed in black suits, they sit in long rows of chairs in the Hannover Congress Centrum and applaud. They are doctors, but you can see it in their faces: They are also officials. They have traveled to the German Medical Congress as elected representatives, 250 representatives of the state medical associations. One should not be surprised if politics is fiercely played in front of this audience – especially in an election year.


Coal mining in colombia: criticism without consequences

The German government admits that human rights are being violated in Colombia’s coal mines. But it does not plan to impose any conditions on German companies.

Coal mining in Colombia: attacks on trade unionists. Picture: ap

Environmental destruction, displacement and murder: Human rights violations related to coal mining in Colombia are well documented. The United Nations criticizes the violations of the rights of indigenous people who are displaced for coal mining, non-governmental organizations report attacks on trade unionists by paramilitary groups financed by coal companies.