Rigaer94 in berlin-friedrichshain: too expensive for the state

The state-owned Degewo submitted a purchase offer for Rigaer94 in the spring – but the owner rejected it.

Contested and controversial – the Rigaer94 Photo: dpa

Is there movement in the matter of Rigaer Strabe? "Degewo puts pressure on," headlined the Berliner Morgenpost on Tuesday, fueling rumors that the state-owned housing company would indeed buy the left-wing house project Rigaer94. This has been talked about since July 2016, and the debate has now been revived by the Senate’s response to a question from SPD member of parliament Tom Schreiber, in which it was confirmed that Degewo is making efforts to acquire the building.

However, Degewo spokeswoman Regine Zylka explained that these efforts are currently ongoing. A concrete purchase offer was submitted to the owner’s lawyer in the spring, but it was rejected as too low – there have been no further developments since then. "The price expectations are obviously far apart," says Zylka, who does not want to give any information on the exact amount of the Degewo offer for reasons of confidentiality. "We can only pay what we consider economically justifiable in view of our remaining tenants," Zylka says. The owner himself is still unknown to Degewo, he said, and so far communication has only been through his lawyer.

A year ago, Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen suggested not only the purchase of the building, but also the takeover of the property management by a state-owned company as an option to defuse the conflict. A spokeswoman for the financial administration confirmed on Tuesday that this option is also still being considered – according to Zylka, however, Degewo’s actions are clearly geared towards a purchase, not a takeover of the administration.

It is still completely unclear when the announced new round table on Rigaer Strabe is to begin. "In the next few days" invitations would be sent out for it, Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) had said in this regard at the beginning of last week – but in the district office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, which is in charge, one is apparently not yet so far. "We are still in the middle of the planning, which will certainly drag on for a while due to the vacation season," says Susanne Hilmer, office manager of district mayor Monika Herrmann (Greens). Also to the guests she can make at present still no data.

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