Saxon head of the office for the protection of the constitution: no private affair of an old man

The opposition is calling for consequences to be drawn from Meyer-Plath’s secretive past. For the CDU, this is an attempt to damage his reputation.

Saxon conditions: Ex-boy Gordian Meyer-Plath heads the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Picture: dpa

In Saxony, the president of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV) Gordian Meyer-Plath should initiate a new course of the intelligence service after the NSU scandal. Since Friday, the hopeful has been criticized for his concealed membership in a fraternity. "I think personnel consequences are essential," says Left Party state parliament member Kerstin Koditz. The Green MP Miro Jennerjahn wants to inform the Interior Committee.

Meyer-Plath had admitted to the taz that he had become a member of the Bonn fraternity Marchia as a student and continued to be active for it as an old man. "A purely private matter," Meyer-Plath said. For him, the reason why he did not make the membership public.

Leftists and Greens see this critically. Koditz, who is a member of the Parliamentary Control Commission for the Protection of the Constitution, emphasizes that this also explains "why my annual small inquiries about right-wing extremist activities at Saxon universities regularly received no information about events of the fraternities." Jennerjahn also says that it is to be feared that there will be considerable "biting inhibitions" on the part of the office if the president himself is a member of a fraternity.

Christian Hartmann does not share these concerns. The spokesman on domestic policy for the CDU state parliamentary group accuses the Left and the Greens of using "general suspicion to damage the reputation of a top Saxon official under the guise of opposition work".

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